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Daan Swildens


After completing my bachelor’s degree in Law at the UvA last academic year, I am currently working on the Master’s degree in Commercial Law Practice. This master’s programme focuses on Corporate Law, Insolvency Law and Financial Law. In addition, last September and October I did an internship at Houthoff. Besides being part of the ALT Committee, I am also treasurer of J.H.V. Phaedrus. Last year I participated in ALT as a student. I think this moot court provides a perfect stage to distinguish you as a law student from others and show what you are worth. This year, in addition to the role of treasurer, I will work with my fellow committee members to ensure a successful ALT 2021.


Renate Beekhuizen


Last year I have successfully obtained my bachelors’ degree in Criminology and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Law. The interdisciplinary view and the intersectionality between the subjects allow me to view Law from a broader, more social, and psychological perspective. As of now, my main interest lies in Criminal Law, but I am still exploring all the possibilities that the field of Law has to offer. I think ALT is a great initiative, which provides students with the opportunity to put knowledge into practice. Therefore, I joined ALT as a participant two years ago and again as a student-coach last year. This year I will take care of everything concerning the students and student-coaches.


I am very excited about this year’s edition and I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the previous editions.

Justin Smael


Having completed my AUC bachelor’s in Law and Computer Science at Amsterdam University College, I am currently following the Civiel Effect bachelor programme for PPLE/AUC students at the UvA. In my studies, I continue to combine my legal interests with technical skills and follow innovations in legal technology. At the end of my 2nd year at AUC, I started working at Deloitte’s legal tech start-up RegMiner, where I am experiencing legal innovation first-hand. During my participation in ALT two years ago, my team and I were coached by tech law expert Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm from Bureau Brandeis. 


This year, I am in charge of external communications with the participating lawyers from our partners. I look forward to (virtually) meeting all of you during this year’s edition of ALT. 

Shaja Groenewoudt


The past year I have been working in the legal world at simultaneously Stichting Rechtswinkel Amsterdam and at the law firm Eisenmann & Ravestijn Advocaten. I am currently in the last stage of my bachelor studies at the VU University, where I was awarded as being the bachelor talent of the year. It is an honour to be part of the committee of ALT this year, as a representative of the VU University. Together with Renate I made a promo-video for the Trials for the VU University students which have been a huge success.


I am looking forward to the Trials, even though it will be different than normal, it will still be the podium for the best students of Amsterdam to show themselves in moot court.

Luis A. Mendes


ALT gave me an opportunity to apply the legal knowledge I had attained in my Bachelor studies to a fictional case and argue within a trial setting. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, my stint as a student-lawyer was cut short. As part of this year’s ALT committee, I am determined to provide a moot-court experience that is equally competitive and engaging for students as in normal circumstances.

Alongside my work at ALT, I am pursuing  an LLM Law & Finance at the University of Amsterdam. This is following my completion of my Bachelor studies in PPLE, in which I majored in Law and Economics.

Previous Committees


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– Joaquim Roodheuvel (UvA)
– David Althoff (UvA)

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